Yesterday I went viral, today I started a blog.

It is funny the way life works. Just when you think you are going to lose your mind, something really cool and expected happens. Yesterday I took a leap of faith (in a real moment of desperation) and I ended up going viral. Well, sort of. It is as much publicity as this gal has seen in a long time and it really lifted my spirits. So much so that I took another leap of faith today and finally starting this soul adventure blog. The one I have tried to start forever.

Back to yesterday and how this all began…or at least really began. I have been planting the seeds for a really long time. But yesterday was just the kick in the pants I needed. All week my kids have been torturing me for leaving on a very short four day vacation with their dad to San Francisco last weekend. Now mind you they were loved and spoiled all weekend by their three grandparents. I had the time of my life and came back energized by the city and ready to really take my writing and other creative projects up a notch. Somehow the little people knew something had happened without them. Something magical and selfish (god forbid). These little people came into my life a little over five years ago and rocked my world. They have been both one of the greatest gifts and most challenging assignments of my life. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world, but some days (or weeks) it can really kill a girl’s creative mojo.  One of the blogs I follow, The Joyful Mother, posted the wonderful SARK essay on “How to Love a Child.” I have always loved this and I subscribe to the overall playfulness of it.  But I was grumpy.  Instead of being moved by it as I usually am, I was inspired to write my own version for my children.  Or perhaps I just wanted to vent and try my best to love myself and other moms for all the often thankless and love inspired work we do.  Regardless, when my son was at school and my daughter was napping, I sat down and wrote without fear or hesitation:


When I was done writing I posted it on my own Facebook page because I thought my friends might get a kick out of it. Then a little voice told me to go the step further and share it on The Joyful Mother. It got a great response and went semi-viral! It felt wonderful. It re-energized me. Since I have been focusing on my new soul creating adventure, I have been trying my best to carve out little spaces in my life…purging all of the unnecessary….so that I have time to explore, write and create a new. This moment gave me just the boost I needed to know that I am ready for this journey…even if my kids are not.  Ready or not, here I come.